Meet the Staff


My favorite food is the champ club wrap,

My favorite drink is a vanilla cold brew.

I attend Plattsburgh state and am beginning my fist year of masters in the fall.

My favorite fish is blueberry.

During my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and boating with friends!


Favorite food: everything bagel with veggie cream cheese

Favorite drink: iced oat milk latte

School: Senior nursing student SUNY Plattsburgh

Favorite Fish: vanilla bean

Fun fact: love hiking, kayaking, spending time with family and friends


Favorite Food:Yogurt with homemade granola

Favorite Drink: Coconut iced Mocha

Favorite Fish: Vanilla Bean

I attend Plattsburgh State in Bio-Med.

I enjoy going for walks and hanging out with friends.


My favorite food to make is the Ultimate Breakfast Burrito!

My personal favorite drink is an iced latte with salted caramel and praline syrups!

I will be a sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology this fall!

My favorite Coffee shop fish has to be vanilla bean!

In my free time I enjoy being active and working out!


My Favorite food is the gobbler.

My favorite drink is an iced vanilla latte.

I go to NCCS and I’m currently finishing out my junior year.

. My favorite fish is Espresso.

I play volleyball and softball. I figure skate and coach figure skating.


My favorite food at the shop is a bagel with veggie cream cheese.

My favorite drink is a coffee frap.

My favorite fish is vanilla bean.

I am a sophomore at NCCS.

I play soccer and golf.



My favorite food-the various soups and chicken salad on a croissant.

My favorite drink-coffee.

My favorite fish-Vanilla Bean.

I work at Chazy Central Rural School.

I enjoy camping, gardening, and spending time with my family on the St. Lawrence River.


My favorite drink is Maple Iced coffee with cream.

My favorite food is the tuna melt.

I love being able to cook at the shop and create delicious soups and specials for the customers.

In my spare time I love to enjoy the outdoors. Running, hiking, camping, kayaking.



My favorite food to make are maple walnut scones.

My favorite drink is unsweetened ice tea.

I am a retired 1st grade teacher, turned baker.

My favorite fish is Vanilla Bean.

I enjoy crafting, watercolor painting, sewing, reading a great book, and deck gardening.

Tues-Friday: 7:30AM to 2PM

Weekends: 8AM to 2PM

Closed on Mondays.


Call 518.297.5600

109 Lake Street

Rouses Point, NY 12979

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