Our Coffees

Our Coffees

We proudly roast all of our coffee in the store which allows us to provide the freshest product. We offer several different varieties and blends and have the ability to customize orders. We only use Arabica coffees, which are grown at higher altitudes and are very aromatic with complex flavor profiles. We always roast in small batches using sight, sound and aroma to provide consistent flavor profiles. The art of roasting coffee is very personal, the owner does all of the roasting and welcomes anyone to watch or ask questions.

  • All Eco-Friendly Coffees cost $12.75 per pound, includes both Decaf Peruvian and Decaf Espresso Blend.

  • All other coffees remain $11.75 per pound.


  • All orders are shipped by Priority Mail.

  • Call Sonya regarding ordering and shipping questions at 518.297.5600

  • Below is a list of the coffees that we currently offer.


We have four unique blends developed by our roast master, including a superior espresso blend. We can also create custom blends to match the flavor profile of your choice. Our specific blends are very popular and sure to please.

House Blend

Holiday Blend

Comfort and Joy

Dark Roast

We have only selected certain types of coffees for our dark roasts. Not all beans taste great when they are roasted to maximum heat. We are proud to say that we do not serve bitter or burnt tasting coffee.

Espresso Blend

French Roast

Moka Java

Organic/FT Italian Roast


Our decaffeinated coffees are Swiss Water Processed, the safest and most natural way to remove caffeine from the bean. These coffees are so popular with our decaf-drinking customers. We have heard this quote on numerous occasions, “ This coffee is so good, it does not even taste like decaf!”

SWP Decaffeinated Espresso Blend

SWP Decaffeinated OrganPeruvian

Eco-Friendly Coffees

At Lakeside Coffee, we strongly believe in supporting Fair Trade and Organic coffee practices. We have expanded our selection over the years and will continue to do so. The quality of these coffees are superior so not only are you supporting good causes but also getting an excellent product.

Organic Colombian

Organic Peruvian

Organic/FT Nicaraguan

Organic/FT Sumatran Mandheling

Single Origin Coffees

These coffees are all medium roast. We feel that a medium roast will maximize the ideal flavors of the coffee. You can truly taste the different personalities of each single-origin coffee.

Brazilian Santos

Ethiopian Harrar

Guatemala Antigua

Tues-Friday: 7:30AM to 2PM

Weekends: 8AM to 2PM

Closed on Mondays.

Email: lakesidecoffeens@gmail.com

Call 518.297.5600

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